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A leap into the unknown

"My agreeing for it (the personal, historical self/ego) to be my identity kept it together as a concrete thing, and as soon as I withdrew my support for it to be my identity, it fell. It crumbled and fell. And simultaneously, with the crumbling of that identity was the arrival of the other … the sense of endless space, endless, energetic space … there was no fear at all, just the sense of absolute rightness and brightness and space that had no edges. It’s a divine field, and you know it's a divine field .. everything is contained in that field, the potential for everything is contained in it, every form and non-form."

Taken from a recent zoom conversation with Dr Hanne Bess Boelsbjerg from Aarhus University, Denmark, using a process called micro phenomenology to explore in depth the experience of a profound and radical shift of perspective.

Full video below:


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