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Facing the Shadow

On the spiritual path, the personal, collective and universal shadow must be faced sooner or later. This means fully acknowledging and accepting the horror and mayhem of existence without flinching. Although this is a crucial step along the way it is not an end in itself. The facing of the horror (which can break a person) is an entry point to a further revelation.

That revelation is the Homecoming into a profound trust in the core of Creation/Existence itself, and an understanding that the Totality or Absolute must contain all, including the most sublime and the most obscenely unspeakable, both. Were it not to contain both, to demonstrate and express both, it would not in truth be the Totality, the Absolute.

The miracle of existence is then seen not in its polar opposites of good and evil but in the outrageous and heart-stopping divine, inseparable union of and transcendence of, both.

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