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From Peter Brown

“It’s easy to have a fantastic idea of what we’re talking about. The actuality of this is not some ongoing condition of anything in particular. The only thing that actually could be accurately described as realization or enlightenment, is the discovery that this never departs from itself no matter what state it presents as.”

Brilliantly worded by Peter Brown and very much in line with my own experience.

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I was stunned when I realized that all my ideas about renunciation were mistaken. As I came to understand it, the renunciation of external things – sex, money, fame, comfort, was only a preparation:


Dorothy Kilonzo
Dorothy Kilonzo

This is simply stated and complete.


Inge Gomez-Michel
Inge Gomez-Michel

Thank you for posting this Anne. I don’t know who Peter Brown but his comment re-confirms my experience 🙏♥️

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