• Anne Sweet

How to get over the line?

"Just before the end – how to get over the line? There is this in and out – aware of limitations, objects and the movements of the individual self sense. There are other times when the open, aware, unlimited oneness manifests. Is it the ongoing choice for oneness – slowing the momentum until… is that it?" J.B

You describe very clearly your experience of the two very different states of being or ‘selves’:

1. the limited self-sense

2. unlimited oneness

Behind both of these experiences is the awareness of these two states. You are aware when you feel the constriction of the self-sense, and you are aware when you experience limitlessness or oneness. Who you are is this empty awareness, or ‘knowing’ as Jackson Petersen calls it.

Being aware of this awareness as an ongoing practice (in and out of meditation) cuts through all the ‘how’ questions if you are ready to commit to it, and is both the path and the goal. So it doesn’t really matter what state you are in, limited or unlimited, the focus is on awareness itself. Being aware of awareness is your Self/unlimited oneness.

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