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  • Anne Sweet

How to not get enlightened

It has come as quite a surprise to me that highly spiritually evolved people who only need to walk through the door that is already open to them, persistently make the choice to remain unenlightened. The attachment in one form or another to the personal, individualized self is so strong that it outweighs their professed and long-held desire and commitment to liberation. When the open door is finally recognized and the invitation to walk through is offered, there is an unwillingness – usually disguised as confusion or ignorance, to take the ultimate step.

One must be humble in the face of this resistance and also be willing to look it dead in the eyes. This is the borderland of the known, and many dedicated seekers can find themselves ongoingly trapped here by their own hesitancy and unexamined fears. One has to reckon with the enormity of what one is confronting – the annihilation of the personal identity for the eternal and uncompromising shores of the Unknown.

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