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In a sudden recognition I discovered ...

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I was stunned when I realized that all my ideas about renunciation were mistaken. As I came to understand it, the renunciation of external things – sex, money, fame, comfort, was only a preparation:

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25 мар. 2022 г.

We have to rely on our own subjective experience, that isn't my experience.

There seems to be a disparity between the concept of one universal consciousness which by its nature must be impersonal towards the 'illusory' body/mind personal consciousness and the well documented NDE's (Thanatos TV) and reincarnation accounts (Ian Stevenson et al) which appear to be deeply personal. I have no doubt that there is an over riding intelligence (consciousness) that is the substratum of all perception but I doubt that it is impersonal and that the awareness of the individual is lost, at least the NDE's indicate this. Those who have had such an experience talk of oneness and timelessness but are acutely aware of 'me'. It's a…

13 апр. 2022 г.
Ответ пользователю

I shall reply to my own post and admit that the sun does set in me but perhaps not in the way Anne meant. There two implied 'realities', the universe outside of 'me' which is only in the form of information supplied by consciousness and the universe inside 'me' which is the brain taking this information and giving it a coherent structure through the 5 senses. As an example, there is no such thing as colour, merely different wave lengths of light impinging on the eye which sends electrical signals to the brain which gives out an interpretation as an awareness of say green. Similarly there is no sound, merely waves of different density striking the ear drum which the…

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