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'Many Paths: One Self' Conference

The turning point for me in coming to the end of seemingly endless seeking was finally taking responsibility for my own evolution. Up until that point, I had been a 'dependent seeker' - believing my guru or grace or a combination of the two would liberate me and release me from suffering. More often than not what I found however was more suffering and very little liberation. Everything changed, and very dramatically, when I recognised that it was all up to me.

It means a great deal therefore to be presenting, along with Amir Freimann, our session "Maturity on the Path: Learning to Recognise and Trust the Inner Teacher"at the "Many Paths: One Self" 3-day online conference April 21-23. The conference is free to watch live, and very reasonably priced to catch up with the replays. I hope you can join us.

Link for more information and to register:

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