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Sudden Enlightenment

"You must have faith that the original Buddha mind that is realized and that which realizes the original Buddha mind are not different." Zen master Bankei

In this case how much distance in measurable space is there between the "two"?

In this case of "no distance", how much time must occur before they "merge"?

A monk asked his Zen master: "How can I know my Buddha Mind?" The master replied: "You can't know your Buddha Mind, because that which knows IS your Buddha Mind."

How much more direct can a "pointing" be?

"What is this essence of Mind? It is an object-less knowing." Mingyur Rinpoche

Jackson Peterson

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German May
German May
31 may 2022

These are great gems of buddhist wisdom! Thank you! I sometimes discuss and argue with my teacher that Buddhism in it's essencial teaching isn't that different from the non-dual view of advaita vedanta :-) Love, German

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