• Anne Sweet

Sustained passion

"Sustained passion - I’m not sure I know what that looks like. Does the fact that I don’t know what that passion looks like mean there are too many distractions in my life? What does it mean to give everything in practical terms for the final falling away?" A.D

The shift in identity you are asking about seems to require nothing less than one’s sustained totality. This is where single-pointedness and intense, burning purpose comes in. It involves paying focused, rigorous attention to one’s internal experience in order to understand what one's true nature is. It's the opposite of 'waiting for something to happen' .

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There is one question which is bugging me....not just academic but as part of on the ground practice. I quote you as saying: "By turning our attention to observing these internal mechanisms we are bre

Are only some things sacred, or is everything sacred? D.F There is one infinite, unified field which contains all: the manifest, the unmanifest and all potentials. It is the ground of creation itself.