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  • Anne Sweet

The Cosmic or Universal aspects of Enlightenment​

Is there more to enlightenment than peace, fulfillment, stillness and clarity?

As I understand it, peace, fulfillment, stillness and clarity are the foundations of enlightenment, but they are merely the ground or core upon which multiple levels of understanding and knowledge rest. Each individual, whether they are aware of it or not, exists at the very center of Reality: a center that radiates outwards in all directions and dimensions, containing infinite multiverses of form and formlessness, the born and the unborn. Time is no longer linear and segmented, and all potentialities are inherent in the spiraling matrixes of Creativity/Love/Divinity.

This cosmic or universal multidimensional unfoldment, both manifest and unmanifest, actual and potential is understood as being none other than one's own Self. One walks in the living grace of this recognition and knowledge, a tiny fragment of infinity, containing it all.

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