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The End of Seeking

and The End of Seeking Conference 16-18 Sept 2022

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Amir Freimann, who will joining me during the conference, on the experience of coming to the end of seeking.

Amir: What happened to you internally when the shift occurred?

Anne: I couldn't locate in myself the seeker. The seeker, who had driven my life for thirty years and who had made all the important decisions for me, was suddenly gone. I suddenly realized I was without my closest companion. It was absolutely shocking. And I thought well, maybe I've taken a wrong turn and fallen off the Path. Because the seeker had been my guiding light and I no longer had a guiding light.

And the seeker never returned, in any shape or form. I had permanently lost the seeking aspect. And so I had to make my own decisions and I wasn't entirely sure whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. I just knew I couldn't do anything about it.

Amir: Can you give me a sense of what the seeker was, what was it that you lost?

Anne: It was a drive that must find God, must find truth, must find liberation, must keep going until the fundamental dilemma of existence is solved within the framework of the sacred. It was the drive to merge with the Absolute. To finally know the truth of who I am. To know.

Amir: What does it feel like?

Anne: It feels like the deepest, most persistent longing, over which you have no control. It's like what a mother must feel for a child. But it's not a passive longing, it's a longing that takes you over and directs your life. It infuses everything. In the same way that a musician has to play, a seeker is driven to seek with their whole being. It's an invasion of one's entire being.

Amir: Do you currently experience anything like that?

Anne: Now I feel a sense of repletion and immersion, not a longing. So my eyes are not on the horizon, searching. There's no yearning for something I don't have. I feel I'm in it, as it. I'm part of it, there is no difference.

Amir: Do you experience a connection between the longing of the seeker and the immersion that you feel now, or are they completely different?

Anne: The whole being yearned and the whole being is now replete. The longing has been met and satisfied. One has been showered with that which one longed for and so one exists in and as that. They are two ends of one continuum, if you like.

Please join us at The End of Seeking Conference 16-18 September 2022. The online conference is free to watch live and there is also a replay option for a very reasonable fee.

Some of the finest teachers in the world are participating and Amir and I are honoured to be included. Our session is titled 'The End of Seeking: Who or What remains?'

Full details and registration here:


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