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The essence of the Path

.... and the purpose of this website

The plight of most individuals is the false identification with the narrative/personal/historical self through the ongoing distractions of thought, feeling, sensation.This false identification causes us to feel estranged from ourselves, others and the totality of life. Our true nature/Self is ever-present, complete, full, joyful, and at peace and will be revealed when our attention is deeply focused inwardly in silence and stillness. Liberation from the personal/historical self happens when the Self/true nature is recognised as oneself and the personal self is seen through/seen for what it is.

No aspect of this inherently requires ideology, dogma, ritual, spiritual terminology, vast doctrines, surrender or devotion to a teacher/teaching, 'killing the ego' or endless practice. These things can in fact make the spiritual quest unnecessarily complicated, shrouded in mystery and impenetrable, while often fostering dependency/idealisation/transference onto the teacher/teaching. I recognise and value the wealth and depth of knowledge contained in the spiritual traditions (and in individual teachers), but they can also function as unwieldy behemoths that don't always serve the individuals involved with them.

Each teacher or tradition also has a particular lens through which they view the truth, but truth cannot be contained by any lens and every lens is inherently limited or coloured. The aim of this website is to provide some of the tools needed to enable the seeker to retain their self-sovereignty and to focus on the absolute essentials of the Path, to make full use of the bounty of spiritual wisdom available (and be able to discriminate between the false and the true) while hopefully avoiding the many pitfalls and traps along the way.

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