• Anne Sweet

The Fear of Death

"Do you have a fear a death, and if not why do you think your fear of death has passed? For me this feeling of finitude is unbearable if one is deeply aware of it." S.D

I’m not aware of a fear of death. The fear of death has passed I believe, because of a deep trust that has welled up naturally in the life/death process itself - in other words I trust the deep underpinnings of existence (even though terrible things happen), and feel not separate from that. I am resting in existence, not struggling with it. We are all manifestations of that one existence and we are all carried by it. At the most fundamental level, all is well, even when we are suffering.

Discovering/uncovering the ground of my own being meant I discovered the ground of all being, and in that discovery ’the infinitude’ you speak of is experienced as nothing other than myself. This is everyone’s birthright and is available to everyone if we are willing to loosen our grip on what it is we are experiencing (the content of consciousness) and instead turn our attention to what it is that is aware of the experiences (consciousness itself).

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