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'The Simplicity of Being' Masterclass

Amir and I are delighted to be presenting this two-part Masterclass in April on "The Simplicity of Being". We all long for peace and wholeness in our increasingly complex lives, but we often overlook the very source from which peace and wholeness naturally arises: the simplicity and ground of our own Being. Please join us in April for this in-depth exploration - we would love to see you there.

Learn more about this Masterclass and register here:

**** The sign-up link is now working ****

Registration for 'The Simplicity of Being' Masterclass is now open. Below you will find the descriptions and dates of the sessions:

Live Sessions Schedule: Session 1: From Complexity to Simplicity Monday, April 10th, 4-5:30pm ET

It is entirely possible in this lifetime to discover and become established in your true fulfilled nature beyond the limited, conditioned and unhappy personality most people currently identify with.

In this session Anne and Amir will explore what stands in the way of this essential discovery, followed by Q&A with the audience.

Session 2: Hidden in Plain Sight Monday, April 24th, 4pm ET

“Look for the most natural, the most intimate, the most easeful, the most real, the most simple within you. Trust it, nurture it and allow it to fully transform you.”

Anne Sweet

The second session will be a discussion with Anne and Amir based on discovering for yourself the simplicity of your own Being and learning to trust and abide there.

The greater part of the session will be given over to exploring this experientially through Q&A with the audience.

Community Gatherings (an opportunity to explore more fully the content of the sessions with Susan Telford and the other session participants):

Monday April 17th at 3pm ET

Saturday April 29th at 11am ET


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