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The terror of annihilation

To the ego or personal sense of self there is enormous and instinctive resistance to the possibility of liberation. Liberation is intuited by the ego as annihilation and tremendous fear and a scrambling for survival is generated in the face of it. And for good reason. In liberation the ego falls away or falls into the background and is replaced by the Self. Liberation is liberation from the ego as the dominant, controlling identity. Nothing of value is lost however and everything is gained. In place of a limited, contracted sense of self you are returned to your natural state of unlimited Being. The endless, restless searching and sense of lack is replaced by peace, equanimity and wholeness. Nothing is lost and everything is gained. But it is not gained by the ego and it is not claimable by the ego. The ego's dominance is what is sacrificed. In order to be returned to your natural state you, the personal historical you will have to face the fear of annihilation. This is the ultimate renunciation: not the attachment to sex or wealth or relationships, but this, this 'I' that you have become so accustomed to believing in as your true self. If you sincerely want liberation, you will have to come to terms with the prospect of this annihilation and begin to face the primal, instinctual terror that accompanies it.

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I was stunned when I realized that all my ideas about renunciation were mistaken. As I came to understand it, the renunciation of external things – sex, money, fame, comfort, was only a preparation:


Feb 21, 2022

I can testify to the primal, primordial terror that - despite my utmost and desperate scrambling - defined the destruction of the identity that I had come to believe I was.

This during an LSD experience back in 1970, from which emerged a different perspective which opened and has shaped my life ever since.

I cannot say that the old conditioning has not slowly re-established itself, in some ways, and I still find myself identifying with anger and fear to an extent. Life is a learning 😌.

Thank you for this offering.


German May
German May
Jan 26, 2022

Absolutely cristal clear, fantastic and spot on, dear Anne!

Thank you for being so outspoken!

Anne Sweet
Anne Sweet
Jan 27, 2022
Replying to


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