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The unequalled prize

We are born into the matrix

of a conditioning society

that slowly moulds us

away from ourselves

away from our own wild nature

away from our Natural State.

We are encouraged to give ourselves up

to the prevailing norms,

even though those norms are largely empty

and awash with greed and corruption

and violence and war.

Some lay claim to their own nature

in the secret confines of their heart

They play a waiting game

feeling for cracks in the fortress of the matrix

convinced their real life is yet to be lived

never believing in the stories they have been told

and always remembering, remembering

the echo of a truth that sustains them.

And if they are lucky that echo of truth

will become in time a relentless roar

tearing into the fabric of their artificial lives

and throwing them into the chaos

of self-discovery and the abandonment

of the known for the reaches

of the Unknown.

Here the stakes are higher

and the signposts few and far between.

It is most times a brutal, wrenching quest

mired in failure and angst,

and the passing of far too much time

in restless, fruitless seeking.

But the reward if you can grasp it,

the unequalled prize itself

is the reclamation of all that was lost:

your own wild and untamed nature

and your blessed Natural State.

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