• Anne Sweet

The unknowable subject

The 'I am' and 'the felt sense of being' are still objects in awareness and therefore not who I am. I am the empty, luminous, aware spaciousness in which they appear. This empty, aware spaciousness can never be an object, only the unknowable subject. Why? When empty, luminous awareness becomes aware of itself, all distinctions between the seer and the seen collapse, leaving only seeing/awareness.

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No separate self, no-self and non-self

As I understand it, 'no separate self' and 'no self' are two very different things. 'No separate self' occurs through the recognition and abiding in one's true nature/Self beyond the personal identity

Food for thought

What if: Many, many people in our rapidly accelerating world began making the fundamental leap, the shift of perspective to recognizing their own Self/natural state. What if this shift of perspective