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Time as a layer of timelessness

The calendar and culture

speak of a new year

and it is refreshing and heartening

to seemingly begin again

and to share greetings of good health

and good fortune with others.

I can’t help but notice though

that no such thing exists

as a new year, only seasons

repeating themselves

with no fixed point

of a beginning or end.

And even the seasons,

those miraculous events!

are themselves mere sheathes

of regularity upon a deeper reality:

a reality not moved by day or night,

summer or winter, birth or death.

All the indicators of time

rest on a substrate of no-time,

an unmoving present eternity

where all things arise,

and all things dissolve

and yet remaining itself untouched.

And from this timeless eternity

here we find ourselves together

on the brink of a ‘new year’

and it is my pleasure and joy

to wish you all good health

and good fortune, love,

warmth and renewal.

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