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Transcendence and Immanence

Transcendence of the material world in favour of the Absolute or Cosmic realms has figured heavily in the spiritual literature over the millennia. This world is often seen as lesser or inferior: a necessary and burdensome stepping stone prior to escaping to the higher spheres.

What if this world, and the magnificent earth that supports it, were in themselves a creative outpouring of divine Love? What if the Cosmic realms are made manifest as you and me and all that surrounds us, and our purpose here is to discover, honor and celebrate that fact? How differently would our relationships to each other and the sacred earth be?

But what of the horrors and suffering? How can they be explained? If the Absolute truly is Absolute wouldn't it have to contain everything: all the horrors and suffering as well as all the magnificence and beauty? What if this is inherently God's realm, and by dismissing or undervaluing it, we are dismissing and undervaluing ourselves and the extraordinary creation we find ourselves in?

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