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In the following posts I will be featuring key insights and understandings from a range of spiritual teachers, adepts and traditions and from my own writings, aimed at simplifying and clarifying the spiritual path in order to finally come to the end of seeking. This is not a comparative, exhaustive academic study, but a personal collection of material that I consider points directly, clearly and helpfully at realizing the goal of spiritual life: to rediscover and embody the truth of one's own being beyond the personal identity.

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No separate self, no-self and non-self

As I understand it, 'no separate self' and 'no self' are two very different things. 'No separate self' occurs through the recognition and abiding in one's true nature/Self beyond the personal identity

Food for thought

What if: Many, many people in our rapidly accelerating world began making the fundamental leap, the shift of perspective to recognizing their own Self/natural state. What if this shift of perspective