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Food for thought

What if:

Many, many people in our rapidly accelerating world began making the fundamental leap, the shift of perspective to recognizing their own Self/natural state. What if this shift of perspective instead of being a rarity and outlier, started to present as a relatively common occurrence, a small but growing societal development: not as some New Age or 'conspirituality' 5th Dimensional fantasy of a paradigm change, but as a genuine and grounded result of new scientific discoveries and technologies in the field of human consciousness, perhaps coupled with the sophisticated and targeted use of psychoactive drugs?

What if:

This growing phenomenon became a regular topic of discussion not only in the ashrams and meditation halls, but across the media and at the dinner table, as this 'new' possibility for human consciousness broke through into the mainstream. What if a generation or two from now new methodologies for self-realization were taught in schools and colleges and prisons, in the same way that meditation, also previously marginalized, is now taught. What if this societal change grew in prevalence to become a tipping point into a new normal, and began to be regarded as a regular and achievable stage of human development. Stripped of its usual place in the spiritual/religious domain, self-realization would simply become part of any conventional educational process.

What do you think?

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