• Anne Sweet

The Ancient Forest

There is an ancient forest

steeped in mystery and grace.

Silent, deep, luminous,

brimming with vitality

and perfectly, unimaginably


In this forest

there is no sense

of lack or constriction,

only unbounded

fullness and peace.

Here all the wonders

of existence are known,

and wildly, ecstatically


Eternity lives in this forest

as the ever unfolding

expression of time.

There is no set route

to the forest,

nor an easy map to follow.

Each traveller must discover

the way for themselves.

Mostly the forest lies unknown

and travellers journey

in ignorance of its existence

meandering through their days

unsure of their potential or purpose.

If by chance you do find your way in

you will meet with a tremendous surprise,

for this luminous, mysterious forest

is immediately recognised

in all its familiar glory

as being none other

than your very own Home

long since abandoned,

waiting silently for you to return.

Image: EarthPorn “A light pierced through" Cape Perpetua, Oregon, USA. @NatureProfessor by photographer: walkingaswind

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