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Has your spiritual awakening changed your life in a real, tangible way?

Has it improved your quality of life? W.P

Absolutely. I would say I was something of a lost soul beforehand: unhappy, unfulfilled, uncertain and constantly seeking answers and validation outside myself. I struggled with nameless fears and the exhaustion of maintaining a facade. All of that fell away as the shift of perspective from the personal (problem) self to the unchanging ground of being/Self became integrated. There was/is a deep sense of wholeness and wellbeing, clarity and simplicity. The desperate, all-consuming seeking and compulsive self-concern has disappeared, and there is peace and equanimity and a sense of belonging/unification with life and its mysterious and unknowable underpinning. There are still challenges to be faced and work to be done, but the persistent sense of inner conflict, the existential angst is no longer present.

The change is truly remarkable, but at the same time feels completely ordinary: as if things are finally just the right way up, just as they should be. I don't believe there can be any lasting peace and fulfillment without the discovery and embodiment of this fundamental self-nature that lives in and as each one of us, and it's worth whatever efforts and sacrifices are needed to realize it.

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