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Radio interview with Anne Sweet on 'The Mystical Positivist'

This week on The Mystical Positivist, we feature a pre-recorded conversation with Anne Sweet, Sydney-based artist and spiritual exemplar of living in the world from a point of view of transcendence. Of her spiritual life she writes:

I had a 'change of identity' about 15 years ago. This was very liberating for me, but I wasn't exactly sure what it was or what had happened. By then I had left my teacher and was pretty much done with spiritual life. After 30 years I'd had enough and been through enough. I had learnt to take care of my interior world and over time had stabilised my 'condition' and had no desire to get involved with another teacher in the hope of having my remaining questions answered. In a sense I forgot all about spirituality.

About 5 years ago I began to become very interested in my 'state'. I was reading the Masters again in a casual way, and their words seemed to match my experience. I believed there was an excellent chance I was fooling myself however, and it became important to find out. I contacted a well-known Vedanta teacher who I trusted with my 'story', and he very kindly confirmed my understanding and helped clear my remaining questions. I was satisfied. After that spiritual life slipped even further into the background.

Recently, after a series of formal interviews with her friend, Amir Freimann, Anne has started speaking openly about her state and her ongoing experience of transcendence of a contracted identification with her personal story. In this conversation, we discuss Anne's background of deep spiritual practice, the crisis that led her to make a decision to shift her sense of identity from her personal narrative to that within which remains unchanging, and how Anne has come to integrate this mode of being into her life in the world.


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